Nederlandse Vereniging Botanische Tuinen

Together we aim at contributing  to the conservation of botanical diversity  for a greener future. Members of the NVBT commit themselves to specific criteria concerning the management of living plant collections and the use of those collections for scientific research, nature conservation, exhibitions and/or education.

Dutch Botanic Garden Collections Foundation

The NVBT is closely related to the Dutch Botanic Garden Collections Foundation (SNP). The SNP coordinates the scientifically managed living plant collections, jointly maintained by the participating botanic gardens and guards the quality of these collections.

Of the 25 NVBT gardens, 16 gardens house of one or more SNP collections. An additional  5 gardens host SNP collections but are not (yet) member of the NVBT.

All gardens with public admittance are incorporated in this website. For more information, also on the NP collections, see SNP.

In a five year project, started in 2013, the NVBT gardens have worked together on a new public outreach programme. In cooperation with Waag Society and supported by the Dutch Postcode Lottery the gardens have linked up their plant collections and shared this information with the public in an innovative way in a project called ‘Planting the future’. Together they work towards a ‘Year of the Botanical Gardens’ in 2017.